In 2019 Santos F.C. transitioned into the FC Columbus Collective. Since the 1995, the club has grown into having a 5-8 year old feeder program, a competitive youth club, a NPSL team, and an indoor training facility. With these pieces in place, we have the opportunity to play our part in the U.S. and international player development sphere. We have aligned these pieces under the entity of the FC Columbus Collective to help the organization reach its long term goals.


Vision: To be a club that creates a microcosm of society - where individuals from different backgrounds and lens' work in concert with each other for the collective whereby every individual is able to realize their potential.

What we focus on a day to day basis: To develop players to reach their highest potential through mastery of craft and excellence in character.

What we value: An environment built upon an authentic love of the game of soccer and the lifelong relationship that it fosters.

Be a part of this exciting new era!