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About US

A Collection of best Soccer Minds in Columbus that bring; a) Experience and b) Expertise in order to educate more aware players, more aware coaches, more aware parents. Similar level of awareness allows people to reach consensus internally between individuals, which brings continuity and henceforth allows for consistency – which is the key to unlocking potential.




  • Collective approach to player development by having multiple coaches influence every team.

  • Different perspectives/lens but same values and philosophy.

  • Competitive player pool to develop ideal environment for player development.

  • Robust winter training

  • Professional training environment

  • Balanced and harmonious social environment

  • College recruiting service

  • Summer college training program

  • International trips in the summer

  • Parent Education about supporting the developmental process

  • Community Service


Curriculum Outline

Age appropriate training is necessary for the successful transition from one phase to the next.  Phases are 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16, 17-19.  We believe that each phase unattended jeopardizes the next, thus preparation is important to develop proper habits and comprehension of the five pillars of the game; Technical, Tactical, Psychological, Physical and Socio-Cultural. 


The developmental process is four-fold, static/isolated, passive/shadow, active unidirectional pressure and competitive multi-directional pressure. The aim in every phase is developing good soccer habits, proper technique and decision making at the subconscious level wherein “intuition is calibrated” so that creativity and improvisation is cultivated.  Furthermore, its significant to mention that throughout the phases academic excellence is encouraged as acquisition of knowledge serves two purposes; self awareness to negotiate life's multifaceted journey and to make the world a better place for all people.  


We at FC Columbus comprehend that soccer represents but a moment in the life cycle and benefits from the experience transfers into other aspects of the journey.  Subsequently, we promote holistic athletic and academic  development within the curricula as growth is the natural consequence of a self aware individual.



In order to promote year-round training, improved/sustained player development, and create a competitive advantage - FC Columbus leadership took the steps towards securing an indoor facility we could call our own. 

In the winter of 2017/2018, FC Columbus was able to open and begin training its teams at 4395 Weaver Court, Hilliard Ohio.

Logo Explanation.PNG


  • 1995 is the year Santos FC was formed

  • The colors represent the colors in the flag of Columbus.

  • "Joga Bonito" is Portuguese for "Play Beatifully" which exmplefies our style of play - inspired by Brazil.

  • The shield represents strength of character and the protection of our values.

  • The "sash" in the shield represents our distinctive uniform.

  • The red logo is our primary logo, while the black logo features on our black uniforms. The logo with the blue outer cirlce is an alternate logo.

Joma Uniforms.PNG

FC Columbus Youth Club Uniforms

Joma is a family owned business out of Spain that supplies uniforms for some of the top teams in Europe, and South America. Through this partnership the club had the ability to create custom uniforms that mimic our NPSL team.

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