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Dear Columbus, 

First off, thank you to all the fans who have been attending FC Columbus soccer games at Grandview Heights High School's Anderson Field this past season and otherwise supporting the club in its inaugural year in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). 

In our proposal bid to the NPSL, FC Columbus selected Anderson Field as our home venue after agreeing to rent the facility from the Grandview Heights City Schools. In accordance with that agreement, FC Columbus is obligated to comply with certain restrictions as it relates to the use of the facility, one of which is the requirement to have Grandview Police Department officers staff all the matches played at the high school. Unfortunately, FC Columbus became aware of an incident during Sunday’s match as a group of fans began leaving the stadium on their own after being asked to curtail their language by the officers on staff. Following their exit from the stadium, another interaction with the Grandview Police Department occurred after a smoke bomb was thrown onto the playing field from Oakland Ave. causing a stoppage in play.

While our organization is still gathering the facts as to what occurred after the fans left the stadium, FC Columbus can definitively state that it was not informed by Grandview Heights City Schools or in any other way made aware of the potential actions that would be taken by the Grandview Police Department in order to stop the use of vulgar language during the match. The club did not call the Grandview Police Department, nor did FC Columbus ask, direct, or encourage any fan to leave the stadium.  


It is FC Columbus’s objective to be an inclusive club and to produce an atmosphere of exciting soccer for fans to watch in a respectful but passionate manner.  To that end, FC Columbus will continue working on its vision and will become a team that Central Ohio can be proud of.




Front Office | FC Columbus

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